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McLean County PONY Baseball (MCPB) strives for common sense health and safety rules that comply with the State of Illinois and best local practices.  It is not possible to fully eliminate the risk of contracting or transmitting COVID-19 while participating in MCPB activities either at or away of the Shira Complex.  MCPB will make every attempt within our organizational capacity to mitigate risk while also conducting semi-normal game play.  The Shira Complex should be accessible and as safe as possible for all players, members, and staff.


Players and Coaches

  1. Face Coverings are required in dugouts and when game participants cannot avoid close contact with each other for any extended duration of time including team huddles.

  2. Face Coverings are not required when players are in the field of play outside of the dugout or when contact with other players on the field is incidental and brief.

  3. All participants should avoid contact or close proximity to other participants that is unnecessary to achieving normal game play within the established rules.


All Persons

  1. Face Coverings are required wherever social distancing may not be possible such as at The Patio concession area, and bathrooms.

  2. Face Coverings are not required while spectating games as socially distanced individuals, families, or private groups.